Rock Hill Farms Single Barrel Bourbon

Rock Hill Farms Single Barrel Bourbon

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Bourbon /50% ABV / Kentucky, United States – 750.0 ml bottle

Extremely difficult to get hold of – but well worth the effort – Rock Hills Farm is a dazzling example of how real bourbon should be.

A bottle of Rock Hill Farms Single Barrel Bourbon. This was bottled from barrel number 59 in October 1993


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Rock Hill Farms is another of Buffalo Trace’s fine single barrel bourbons, sharing a mash bill with Blanton’s, Elmer T. Lee, Ancient Age, and Hancock’s Reserve. It is named for a stretch of farmland along the Kentucky River. While nearly all of Buffalo Trace’s top-shelf premiums can be a little hard to find at the moment, this is not a limited release or particularly rare bourbon. It should be available in well-stocked liquor stores with some regularity.

Rock Hill Farms, like so many of Buffalo Trace’s bourbons, isn’t easy to find at MSRP. As is the case with many Buffalo Trace products, this usually sells for much more on shelves and even higher on the secondary market. However, it also seems to be talked about less than Elmer T. Lee and Blanton’s which in my personal experience seems to be due to its even more infrequent release than the rest of the Mashbill #2 bourbons. Put simply, it’s just not top of mind.

For it’s a great value. This is especially true in light of Blanton’s Gold’s $245 price tag. Sure the bourbons have their nuanced differences, but for half the price, you can’t beat the value in comparison. Rock Hill Farms delivers a great pour for the price and is well worth a pick-up if you happen across it on shelves.