Knob Creek 25th Anniversary


Knob Creek 25th Anniversary



Bourbon / Kentucky, United States

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Product of: USA, Kentucky
Varietal/Type: Bourbon
Size: 750ML
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Knob Creek 25th Anniversary. Twenty-Five years ago, when Booker Noe bottled the first batch of Knob Creek® bourbon, he inadvertently started a small batch movement. A quarter century later, Booker’s son Fred Noe carries on his legacy, holding every barrel to the same rigorous Pre-Prohibition style standards. And to this day, Knob Creek® remains the benchmark for full-flavored bourbon. Knob Creek 25th Anniversary

Knob Creek 25th Anniversary to celebrate the staying power of hard-earned flavor, we’re bottling a limited edition, unfiltered* and cask strength single barrel bourbon. This bourbon is truly a high point in Knob Creek®’s proud history. This is our first ever bourbon bottled at barrel strength. Now you can experience the exceptional flavor profile of these personally selected barrels as if you were at the warehouse in Clermont: uncut and unblended.


Glencairn, neat, rested 15 minutes.


 Auburn 1.5


Oaky and nutty… like chestnuts roasting on an open flame (not really, just the former). Surprisingly little ethanol considering the proof, but also not a ton of density or complexity.


 Late-coming warmth, medium body. Similar to the nose – with lots of oak and walnut character. It’s not really peanut-y, the profile leans towards the woody end of the spectrum instead.


Lasting warmth and a nice cinnamon-oak note that does a good job wrapping things up. Towards the end of the dram, there’s just a hint of peanut character that shows up.

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