Tom Reynolds

Tom Reynolds


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Love Whisky Wednesday and W Club!

I've been a regular customer of Bourbon Foundry Inc the past two years and really love their Whisky Wed deals for W Club Members, along with their tasting events (pre-Covid of course) and Paternoster Square shop near my office. Since lockdown I've found myself checking their offerings frequently, including the indie bottlings as they have a very good selection, thanks!

Alicia Griffith
Alicia GriffithNY

Great customer service

Online order in Scotland - Probably the best customer service I've ever had . After a problem with an order (caused by the delivery company) they responded super fast and got a replacement out in a couple of days which saved the celebration. Top job!! Thanks again 🙂

James Smith
James Smith

Bourbon Shop to the rescue

After being let down by a different supplier to deliver a few bottles of Sake for my Japanese guests; The Whisky Shop came to the rescue.
An easy to use website, great stock, great shopping experience, I will definitely use them again in the near future.
Thank you Whisky shop you saved my honour!

Kira Jones
Kira JonesCA
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